Love Trust Joy Hope and Peace

I wrote a duet this year. It is a conversation I’ve been having with the Father God.

I was afraid of infertility the first moment I learned of its existence.

I was about four and I ran from overhearing my parents empathetic tones. “They can’t have children, it’s so sad.”
What?!? That’s a thing?!!
My four year old mind imagined would be like and I thought “Oh No God! That would be Too Much!! I can handle anything but not that!”

Through this experience I have learned so much and I am being shaped and formed in character through this pain.

God has taught me that Love and Pain, Trust and Doubt, Joy and Sorrow, Hope and Lament, Peace and Worry are all two sides of the same coin. And you need to feel the negative emotions before you can get to the positive side.

He is the Potter and I am the clay. He is stronger than me and I yield to his good hands.
The Lord is King. And I am not afraid of him but I do need him to rule me.
The Lord disciplines His children because he loves them. And I do feel challenged to be soft

God is teaching me about Hope. Hope as he defines it not as I do.


Your Love Goes

Tell me can can you hear my song
The song of joy I’m singing over you

I am in the valley low I am on this lonely road with you

I see your tears I understand
Beloved child I hold you in my hands
Even when my well of grief overflows Your love will overfill me

My love goes deeper than your pain Deeper than your Sorrow
Deeper than your Shame

Even when the well of grief overruns and dims the flame hope
My deep is crying out to deep I finally know what it means to grieve
I will not abandon you for my love overcomes your fear
Even in the depths I’ve found your love and I will sing

Your love goes…

Hills may shake mountains fall I will trust you through it all through it all.
Favored Daughter sing your song. A Song of joy I sing it over you.

My love/your love goes deeper…

Your Love love love
Only you can write my story
Only you receive the glory.

Your love goes.


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