Stewarding Dreams

Ken Janke was in town last week and it was right on time.
Here’s a post from our Pray Navah blog by Katie Egli.

Pray Navah KC

“What you value you will steward well and what you steward well you will multiply. What you multiply you have authority over.”

It’s true. We are willing to fight for the things in our lives that we value the most. We make compromises and sacrifices in order to protect those things, uphold them, and steward them well. Whether it’s a dream to finish school or a desire to have a child, a hope of retirement or a business plan yet to commence, there are dreams that live and breathe in the recesses of our hearts.

This weekend guest speaker Ken Janke  encouraged us to value, celebrate, and pursue one another’s dreams. He challenged us not only to articulate and acknowledge our own gifts and abilities for the Kingdom, but to selflessly discover the dreams  of others.

As Ken walked the streets of New Haven, Connecticut he learned 3 things.

  1. Everyone has a…

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