Stewarding Dreams

Ken Janke was in town last week and it was right on time.
Here’s a post from our Pray Navah blog by Katie Egli.

Pray Navah KC

“What you value you will steward well and what you steward well you will multiply. What you multiply you have authority over.”

It’s true. We are willing to fight for the things in our lives that we value the most. We make compromises and sacrifices in order to protect those things, uphold them, and steward them well. Whether it’s a dream to finish school or a desire to have a child, a hope of retirement or a business plan yet to commence, there are dreams that live and breathe in the recesses of our hearts.

This weekend guest speaker Ken Janke  encouraged us to value, celebrate, and pursue one another’s dreams. He challenged us not only to articulate and acknowledge our own gifts and abilities for the Kingdom, but to selflessly discover the dreams  of others.

As Ken walked the streets of New Haven, Connecticut he learned 3 things.

  1. Everyone has a…

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The Vision Course Is…

The Vision Course Is….


Let’s Catch Up

The past six months have been both full and rewarding; busy and challenging.

My dad turned 50 this past January and had all of us planning and working on an amazing party.

Tom and Taylor made a nine hole mini golf course from scratch.



As of March my dad hired me as the 24-7 Prayer Academy Coordinator for the discipleship school here in KC called the Vision Course. follow the blog here



It’s really a dream come true for me to get to call this my job. I hope to continue the long legacy of my grandparents and parents by creating safe space for people to freely unlock who they are as they learn more about the deep love of God.


A few months ago Tom and I moved from my parents house to our first apartment in Kansas City. We live with my brother Taylor in a two bedroom flat and we have several friends who live within walking distance. It’s nice to begin to settle into our new city. We had to do a lot of painting and are unpacking still.



I was lucky enough to begin my first ever recording of an original song. It’s still in process but it wouldn’t be happening without a few pushes and brotherly care from Beau Davidson and Corey Evans. I can’t wait to share the finished product with all of you.


Luke and I work at a dine in movie theater downtown. He tends bar and I am a server. Luke is enjoying his independence renting a 4th floor room. We hope to work on some music projects in the next year.


Leah and Chris are moving here at the end of the summer. I can hardly believe it. Leah got a dream job at an amazing arts based learning school right in midtown. They have visited us a few times.


Devon is growing so fast none of us can keep up. He is officially a high school sophomore. Here he is in full Fiddler on the Roof garb. He was a Poppa!!


Taylor has two years of college to go and this summer he is juggling three not so part time jobs and a girlfriend. Taylor and Lauren just celebrated their first year of dating this week.


Mom has been working so hard on getting her pottery studio set up. And we are on the edge of filling orders and classes. This month I am helping her run a kids arts camp.


Dad is happy to focus on the Antioch school more this fall along with all the other fields he tends to. He is back in his Visionary element these days. I can see the hope filled satisfaction of leading and Fathering the Kingdom in his eyes. He travels to encourage the many Boiler Rooms and Kingdom relationships around the globe often. I feel loved to see my parents loved for who they are.

I recently visited Boiler Room network cousins in Tulsa. I was hosted so well, it was like finding family.


Before that, we graduated 17 students from the Vision Course and sent many around the world.


Now I’m preparing for next year’s VCKC class of ’14 with our amazing leadership team.
Well, there are some highlights from KC.

Right now we have been trying to figure out a few things:
– if Tom can go to school
– job things/piecing together finances
– what are the next steps we should take towards creating a family

Thanks for all your love and support friends.
We love you.

Big things and small

We moved across the country today.

No big deal just packed everything we own up and drove eight hours. My mom and I rode together and we listened to the last and first halves of the second and third books of Anne of Green Gables the whole way. (confused yet?) It’s been a long time coming but we made it to our new beginning. “NEW” will be the word for a while as we acclimate. But we left “Alone” behind. Driving into the city and knowing that we did not have to leave was so great today. “We live here!” my husband’s text read. After a month of saying goodbye and pushing through the end of our jobs, just getting to this moment feels like a triumph. And we still have to unload the truck tomorrow!

More soon-


Why pray?

Here is a sweet animated video from 24/7 prayer about prayer. It’s amazing and I’m excited to become a part of what they are doing soon.

“The most powerful thing you can do is to pray.”


Thought I’d just post some of my photos today. All taken by me on my iPhone filtered through instagram. Yes, I’m one of those-











New Eating Plan

Day three of the sugar control diet and so far so good.

We’ve done this diet before. It was recommended to us by a health guru in Connecticut to just re-start our metabolisms and detox from processed and sugary foods that cause inflammation and sluggish systems. Basically you cut out starch and sugar for a month and the first two weeks you can have dairy and rice. And you eat every 2-3 hours: 4-6 oz of protein and veggies at every meal and have nuts and veggies or a green apple for snacks in between. We have found that making egg bakes with veggies in them last for a long time for breakfasts and almond crust pizza (recipe below) is a nice dinner and leftover lunch. Or a chicken breast and salad work for lunch. One cool thing is that I make my own salad dressing that i got from a friend. It’s One Part Braags Apple Cider Vinegar , one part Olive Oil, a little Maple Syrup or Honey to taste and some salt and pepper. So good. We put that on another Gosda Staple: Broccoli or Asparagus, Grass Fed Burger, and Brown Rice (that has been browned with some butter to open the kernels before boiling it tastes so good!).

Here is a video of a cardiologist giving a talk through the history of fats and how heart disease has become the #1 killer and Not because of Saturated Fats! he admits that after researching it, he was wrong for many years on this. the way Crisco changed the world…

Almond Crust Pizza

you will need:

375 deg oven

Cookie Sheet

parchment or wax paper

all measurements are approximate because this is an art not a science. try it and see what works best for you

1 Melted Stick of Butter

2-3 Eggs

1 -16 0z bag of almond flour

mix ingredients in a bowl well, once mixed spread onto wax papered cookie sheet and spread out as far as it will cover without being too too thin. I get right in there and use my hands usually but you can put another piece of parchment on top and roll it out before sliding the dough onto the cookie sheet. Then put in the oven for 7-10 minutes. It will bubble and stay a light tan when done enough to add toppings, so pull out of oven to tap and see if it is baked. Add toppings and bake until cheese is melted or to your liking. Enjoy!

We usually make BBQ Chicken with mushrooms and peppers or Mariana Chicken with mushrooms and tomatoes and olives. But whatever you like is yum. you will probably need a spatula to get the pizza from the pan and a fork because it can be crumbly.

Let me know if you try this pizza out and how it goes!



It’s my right!

I’m so tired of hearing people on the news say “you can’t tell me what to do it’s freedom of speech!” when they are just trying to justify their bad behavior. And they know that it will get people’s blood boiling enough to pay attention. But on issues of voting and campaign finance, buisinesses have rights to speak and I have to show an ID. Only a week to absentee vote?! And I haven’t had a current address on my ID in years. They stopped updating them! They used to just enter it into the system. Fiscally responsible…riiiight.