Anniversary Poem


On our wedding day
All hope was new 
Holy magic was in the air
Yellow leaves gently flew

Blessed and witnessed
Signed and sung
Will you? Do you?
I will. And I do.

Bound in love 
and covenant joy
We laughed and danced 
I had found my boy

The first year, we dove right in
Reading books, interviewing kin
Who are you now? 
Who have you been?
Please do the dishes. 
Can my cousin move in?

Year two we lived with 
two ragamuffin men
I crashed the car
You worked so hard 
my suspicions grew 
We waited and wondered 
I worried and cried. 
Year two was a ride.

Year three we adventured a thousand miles east
To see if we could Survive 
If God would provide

We found a haven full of new. 
New questions and new knowings 
of our beginnings and endings. 
We let go of what was and made space for what’s true 
We learned to rest because
He had called us good. 
and Family is the value. 

Year four we returned to Family and home 
with fresh foundations 
and new found hope 

Year five you baked cakes
And I ironed pleats
We made good money 
And longed for friends and family

Year six we settled in 
and you said we’d never move
But it only took four days 
For gravity to shift 
To remember who was home 

And I didn’t know what to do 
When you sobbed bucket sized tears
Into your Kansas City barbecue 

Out of the desert 
Into the river
We’ve soaked 
and started to bloom

Well now it’s year seven
And our love just keeps growing
magic is still in the air
On earth I’ve found heaven
And all hope is new. 



Anniversary Thoughts

photo taken by patricia espidal:

       my husband and i have our 5 year anniversary coming up and it feels like a big milestone for me. we have both grown up a lot as individuals since we got married in 2006. a lot has changed and a lot has not. i am not as lost and unsure of myself as i used to be, and i feel like our love has its own life. its own heart and it beats separate from our bodies in between us bonding us together no matter where we are. like a tree with roots connected to another tree. alive both separately and together. the more time and work you give them the deeper the roots, the more you want to bear fruit and make little lives happen in your shade. our roots are deep, our love is strong, but there is a funny thing about feeling love so intensely, there is an awkward thing about growing.. that pubescent in-balance that makes your ability to show how you feel seem uneven and clumsy. feelings are weird that way. i think it was Maya Angelou who said that words are things, and they should be treated with respect. well, i think feelings are much the same. they have their own life. and expressing, respecting, understanding them, heck even feeling them can be hard sometimes. i find myself pushing down deeper and deeper roots of love for this man everyday. and that makes the ache to share that love seem more and more important everyday. its time to make a plan to have kids. for real this time.