jesus potion

We’re in Kansas City and it is our first trip down to this city. Seeing my family is so nice. Tom and I were happy to find that the neighborhood where mom and dad live is great. There are funky spots to the city as there are any big city, but the areas we biked, walked, and wandered have been so quaint and pretty. There is a bike trail that people are regularly using and they say hello back if you greet them. Which of course I did- that was cool.

Friday night Dad and Tom and I went out for coffee and talked about heaven and Jesus and the blessing of being in him – “All of humanity is in him-presently” he said. And it was so confirming and less isolating and weird than the classic finger pointing “you’re in and sorry, you are going to hell” approach to the gospel. That is just not good news. Mom said that the worst customers at her paper store are the evengelical christians who really think they are being bold for God by badgering the workers about their lack of religious christian christmas cards. They are so grumpy and rude and bothered that a coworker of hers said that she hoped no more born again christians came into the store. She said it made her embarrassed that this was what Christians were known for. If you don’t have love…(1 Cor. 13)
There is something about how the modern churchgoing majority feel they are being persecuted, when in fact they are just focusing on the wrong things. And they dont know the first thing about being persecuted for their faith- let alone what Jesus would hold important. Jesus didnt come to condemn but to give a new view to the God we thought we had down. A small shriveled God must be judging all that I think do say or almost say all the time so be careful little ears what you hear! or else! this is so small indeed. today at the boiler room church Adam Cox talked about how God makes his home inside of us. And how he understands why we do and say things. That he knows who we are from the inside, every intention and thought. That he is a loving understanding Father who gets us. And then I had the thought as he was talking, what if Jesus really was God’s son. (I know that sounds obvious but I’m still bringing back real meaning to the words that were used at church all growing up. They get this plastic food feel and sometimes I have to remember what it was supposed to mean.) And that in a family sense when he came to the earth he was the father’s representative and that when jesus said he was going to send something better than himself- the holy spirit, maybe that holy spirit is the father’s inner spirit, his inner thoughts and presence. His heart. I can’t wait to see the Father. If he can be seen. Maybe he will be known and not seen. But just be. But man, I’d like to see him. To see what the Trinity really means. To see what Jesus meant with all that he said, to hear the parts that were lost or just misunderstood, clarified. To know how to trust my inner truth barometer more. I have always tried to convince myself that the things preached from so many pulpits about what the real reason for Jesus coming was, were it. That justification by grace transactioned the salvation of a soul. And that it took this time space moment to make Jesus’s forgiving potion to work. there definitely is a moment when you become aware of the love of God, and have to reorder things, and you begin to heal- but that wasn’t salvation. Salvation was already done for me. In Christ. Dad says that we have a hard time understanding in our categorical western minds what that really means. I guess it will take a while for our culture to unlearn centuries of dogma. But I want to learn more. My dad recommended looking up N.T. Wright on these things and I found he has a new book called “Simply Jesus”. I’ll let you know what I learn.

Whoo! Thanks for staying with me- what do you think?
How do you understand Jesus?