First Year in KC

It’s been over a whole year since we moved from Wisco to the city of Fountains.

We have been soaking in the river of the Boiler Room Church community and coming alive because of it.  I can’t contribute this alive feeling to any one person or moment but being in the safe environment to explore our giftings and be celebrated for who we are feels amazing. We feel very hopeful for the future and are content in the present.

We love the Kansas City zoo so much that Tom decided that we should go with the family for his birthday. The zoo is so huge it is an all day event.  It was fun to share with the Martin family who just moved here this month.

There is so much to be grateful for right now.  Tom has a great job with good insurance and I am the coordinator for a leadership development school at the Boiler Room called The Vision Course

The Steinke family business is underway with pottery, productions, events, and music. Get to know Stonecutter Arts .

Dad has released a few songs on NOISETRADE  and we both have songs on the new Vision Course CD.
We are continuing to pursue becoming parents and if you are interested in contributing to our medical costs check out our Gosda Baby Dream page.

There’s always more, but that’s it for now.

Happy discovering as you click all those links!



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