4 days and 180°


“You know your mom is going to try to tell us we should move there.”

“Of course she is!” I said smiling, “It’s my mom. She always wants us to live down the block from her.” I laughed back at my husband.

“Okay but we are NOT moving there. No matter what.” He said.

Kansas City’s crime rate, size and its lack of large body of water or mountain range had all been previously discussed, and I saw these things flash in his eyes as my husband spoke.

The thought had not crossed my mind. I was excited to see my family again and spend a whole week with them for Thanksgiving.

My parents moved to Kansas City from my childhood home in July last year and even though out separation hadn’t been long, as soon as I saw my dad walking up to us smiling his shy smile in the airport, I ran to hug him and put my head in his chest and tried to swallow the rising sob in my throat . I was home. My heart knew it before I had any suspicion of it.

We spent the first few days wandering down old Trolley paths and exploring the city. By day four my husband said,

“This is way different than I thought it would be. We need to talk.”

He said that he was thinking that living here wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I was shocked. Stunned. It hadn’t been an option so I was keeping my thoughts in check on the “move here” front. The next day we took my parents out to barbecue to talk it over with them. As my husband started to present how he was starting to feel about the idea of moving he began to cry big bucket tears. Once again, I was shocked. This guy doesn’t cry ever. And here he is in the middle of the restaurant being moved more than I’ve ever seen him in our five years together. He said he has never known anything like he Knew that we were supposed to move to Kansas City. Once we got back to our apartment it felt empty to us like the life had been sucked out of it. Our home had moved.

About three years ago we took a big risk in the name of young adventure and spent a year in Connecticut. We learned a lot about who we are both as a couple and as individuals. We also learned that we value family and creativity very highly. So we moved back to our hometowns to be near our families. So we have taken this big risk to move across the country before, but this time feels different. We might spend some time here and really put down roots.

I feel like all of July was saying goodbye all the time. And it was good and necessary but it feels good to be moved and here. I still need to fall apart and take a few more naps to be back to normal.


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