Stuff People Say to IF People.


Sometimes you just need to cry.
But not at work.
I swallow hard to push down the perpetual lump in my throat.
You can make it through your whole day but it’s the little things that break you down.
Sometimes it’s a one peanut butter cup in the pack kind of day.
Sometimes you hit your head and the thin veneer that was holding all your sadness in comes bursting out because your feelings are hurt more than your head.
It’s offensive to hit your head.
January was rough.
I cried a lot at work in January.
To help me laugh it off I started making a list of “Stuff people say to IF people.”
I hope it makes you laugh too. Please add more in the comments if you have them and I’ll make a complete listing in a future post. Maybe we should have a YouTube video made.

Stuff People Say to IF People.
“So when are you guys going to start having kids?”

“You just gotta get really drunk. That’s how my sister did it.”

“I was wondering why you don’t have kids already!”

“You’re really young. You have lots of time.”

“This will make a great story someday!”

“You’ve got to have more faith!”

“Afterwards, you gotta stick your butt in the air for like a half hour and maybe sway from side to side.”

“Don’t eat anything that isn’t organic!”

“The doctor didn’t find anything wrong?! Praise the Lord! We were praying that they wouldn’t!”

“Don’t worry. Worrying makes it worse.”

“I completely understand.”

“So, where are you’re kids?”

“I have a friend who tried for way longer than you and still nothing. So sad.”

“It must be part of Gods plan!”

“Are you sure you’re doing it right?”

“Relax! It’ll happen”


6 thoughts on “Stuff People Say to IF People.

  1. “I heard if you drink Robitussin you’ll get pregnant”
    “I heard eating Yams helps”
    “My friend got pregnant right after adopting” (yeah that will unblock my fallopian tubes)
    “Do you want to borrow my kids?”
    “Stop thinking about it and it will just happen”
    “Have you heard of these little sticks you pee on and they tell you when you can get pregnant?” (Wow, really? And to think I spent thousands of dollars on a fertility specialist.

    I’m sure I have many more, and a sarcastic response to accompany all of them! 🙂

    1. this website is great! i haven’t seen it before and it is hilarious. and i love your sarcasm thanks for posting and keep adding as you hear and remember more! so funny

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