Recent Progress

A few months ago i was having a major meltdown because i had gotten my hopes up that i might be pregnant. i was only two days late but it was enough time for me to really thinks this could be the exception to the rule. this wasn’t the first time i had gotten my hopes up or the longest either, but it just felt like the round ache in my chest that i can usually cover up or keep on simmer turned into a ring of fire someone just shot a rocket through. Sobbing i called a girlfriend who understands, she said we needed to make a real plan and then i wouldn’t feel so out of control and stuck.  I didn’t know where to begin.

After some encouragement from my sister i got on the phone with the financial person at a clinic. it would cost $400 something  for the first appointment because we don’t have insurance. 400 some dollars, ok we can save and go next spring sometime, i thought.  i called my mom and told her about the money needed and that  their website says it is 90% treatable if it is what i think it is. She was so excited and prayed for me that we would get the money by my anniversary.  i told her she was crazy but i opened myself up to the possibility. my mom can be prophetic that way.  my anniversary was three weeks away… that gave me some time to come up with something…

after sharing the news with my sister-in-law Tanya the day before, she called Tom and said that we would have the money by the end of the weekend!!!!!!

Because of their amazing generosity the money came through in three days not three weeks, not three months! thank you thank you-

Our appointment is set for november 1st, hopefully this “not knowing” will be done and we can start really making a plan.

I have real reason to hope for my biological children for the first time in 5 years. Thank you God. Thank you to my family and friends for supporting both tom and i through this. i’m making lists of baby names again..


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